Becoming A Dog Whisperer

Welcome to Talking With The Dogs! Liz Murdoch is an animal communicator who has never met an animal that didn’t talk to her. This podcast is a place where you can learn more about what it means to be a dog whisperer, what dogs want you to know and how we can better understand each other, and  improve our life with the dogs, in and out of the dog house!

What we’re talking about

– Animal Communication 

– Matching Dogs To New Owners

– Getting Centered and Learning to Listen

Discovering I Could Talk with the Dogs

Liz discovered she could communicate with dogs at the early age of 5 when a poodle visited school with purple nails. The dog told her she was not a fan of painted nails and it became Liz’s mission to become a dog owner so that she could simply let dogs be dogs. 

Working In Animal Rescue

Liz and her black lab Sam were a certified Animal-Assisted Therapy Team and worked together with trauma survivors, helping aid in the recovery process of patients. After Sam’s passing, Liz went on to work with animal rescue groups. After meeting and evaluating rescue bound dogs, Liz would include in her notes what kind of owner specific dogs were looking for, plus favorite activities. The rescue organization recognized her talent immediately and was able to more easily place dogs in forever homes based on Liz’s work with the dogs. 

Meditation and Feeling Centered

Just as humans meditate to find a feeling of being centered, Liz gets centered in order to properly communicate with animals and hear what they are sharing with her. By ensuring she is centered, she becomes fully present for the animal she is speaking to, and the information flows as she listens. 

Get ready to hear what the dogs are talking about!

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